• Magnum Opus

    aka "The Legend of Soap"

    Water is essential to life so there is no surprise that the ancients made their base close to the source. Our ancestors understood the nature of their unique position and gave thanks to the God(s) through sacrifice. It was common practice to bring animals to the altar where these beasts were killed and then burned in the fire. It was believed that getting high would bring you closer to the God(s) so these sacrificial rituals often times took place on top of a mountain. "Mount Sapo" is credited with being the original birthplace of the discovery of soap. The geographical location and exact date of discovery is undetermined. As legend has it, rain from the sky washed the blood, fat, and ash from the sacrifice down the mountain side where it mixed with clay on the banks of the waterway rendering a crude form of soap. The women washing in the water took notice to the cleansing properties making their work easier. As time progressed people began to use "potash" mixed with oil to render what is known as soap today. It should be noted that some believe the discovery of soap to be as old as mankind.

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