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    All of our products are plant based and vegan friendly.

    CBD Soap

    CBD Soap

    50mg Hemp Derived CBD Isolate

    Cannabis Infused Bar Soap. Made with Organic Hemp Seed Oil. THC Free. Scented with Steam Distilled Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend to promote relaxation. 50mg CBD per bar. 100% Compostable Packaging Grows Wildflowers when Planted!

    Crystal Soaps

    Soap with a Crystal

    The same high quality soap base as our original bars just a little heavier and with a natural crystal gemstone embedded in the top of each bar. The crystal stays in the bar until the soap is gone.

    Original Bars

    Zen Soap Original

    High quality soap that's made with plant based oils and colorants. We only use earth derived ingredients such as essential oils , fine fragrance oils, clays, root powders, & dried herbs to make our soaps. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Paraben, & Phthalate Free.

    Cbd Foaming Liquid Soap

    Travel Size & Full Size

    Perfect for the gym or at home. These Cbd Foaming Liquid Soaps are 100% Plant-Based Castile Soap & made with Essential Oils. Thc Free Formula. Available in Travel Size 25mg/50ml or 100mg/210ml Full Size Bottles. Choose from Citrus Lavender or Peppermint Tea Tree.

    Natural Oil Roll-on

    Scented Oil Moisturizer

    Use on skin to moisturize and smell wonderful. A natural alternative to perfume or colonge. Made with hempseed, golden jojoba, & natural grapeseed oil. Several scents to choose from all of which are very enjoyable.

    Zen Mist

    Scented Air Freshener

    Also skin safe! This water based formula is scented with essential oils or fine fragrance oils. Use as an air freshener, spray on your yoga mat, or use on yourself to freshen up.

    Cbd Topical

    Moisturizing & Relaxtion Oil

    This plant based formula is made from Organic Hempseed Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Natural Grapeseed Oil and 250mg Hemp Derived, Thc Free Cannabidiol (Cbd). Great for moisturizing skin and also combating muscle soreness & joint pain. Promotes recovery & relaxation. For Topical Use Only.

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